Companion Two Person

While uprights are the most traditional companion memorials, each can be customized to tell your family’s story in stone. Upright memorials can be customized and crafted in almost any shape, color and size, depending on the plot size and cemetery restrictions. Your loved ones’ hobbies, interests, heritage and special relationships can provide the basis for a highly personalized memorial design. We can take the design and turn it into an exquisitely crafted, one of a kind, piece of artwork.



I did want to tell you personally how grateful I was for your compassion, attention to detail and patience in working with me on my sister’s memorial.

In a world where “excellent customer service” is often touted, yet rarely approached, working with you was a joy. The need I had to see the lettering match that was already on the stone in font, spacing, and point was very important. If it had not been done so perfectly, it would have been very obvious. Your willingness to get it correct by seeing for yourself what was already there, then working with the layout, design, and engraving staff was tremendous.

My Father would be very pleased I got this done right for my sister. Because I know how important that would be to him, I feel so good about it. Thank you again for your guidance, patience, recommendations, and tenacity. I could not be more pleased with your genuine excellent customer service.

-Paul Kuenzi

Patience and Tenacity

Dear Kim,

You are so helpful, compassionate, knowledgeable, and efficient.


Jan Scott

Helpful, Compassionate, Knowledgeable, and Efficient

I contacted Milwaukee Memorials to add some etching to a gravestone already at a cemetery and worked with Kim Dahl. As I live many miles from Wisconsin, this process was handled completely long-distance. Kim is extremely personable, pleasant, and easy to work with. She is also very efficient and I had all the information I needed to get the work going after our initial conversation. She explained about the need to wait on the etching until warmer weather in Wisconsin so it wasn’t until about 2 months later that I received notice that the work had been completed. I contacted Kim, and the next day(!), on her own, she went to the cemetery and took pictures for me so that I could see the final product! Amazing customer service in my opinion!! She definitely goes above and beyond and I would highly recommend Milwaukee Memorials.

-Jane Houmes

Amazing Customer Service!


You have been a joy to work with at a very difficult time in our lives. The girls and I are extremely pleased with the quality and beauty of the headstone. Let me say again that your assistance helped us a great deal. Peace to you and your family.


You have been a joy to work with.

Working with Kim and her team has been a pleasure. We live out of town and the memorial was placed out of town as well, but it was a seamless process. The memorial is beautiful and a true honor to our parents. Thank you for everything.

-Anna F Skoda

Seamless Process

Thank you. It is lovely.

-Linda Groth


Thank you very much! The headstone looks very nice.

-Leslie Smith

Looks Very Nice

On behalf of Faith Community Church of Franklin, I want to thank you for your contribution towards the new Faith Walk created on our church property by TJ Wesolowski for his Eagle Scout Project. A dedication ceremony was held and your company was included in our appreciation for your contribution.

On behalf of the church and the community who will share in the pleasure of walking this new pathway and outside worship, we want to say thank you. The memorial stone turned out wonderful!

-Rev. Dr. Stu Merkel

Turned out wonderful!

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and consideration.

-Reginald Dettlaff

Thoughtfulness and Consideration


Thank you for your patience and understanding about Tom’s headstone and for understanding how important it is to me for it to be right.


Thank you for your patience.